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X-Trails / Orgonite / Orgone Devices

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Calling them X-trails now, for obvious reasons..

Why is the FDA trying to ban orgone devices?

"Ultimately, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) obtained a federal injunction barring the interstate distribution of orgone-related materials, on the grounds that Reich and his associates were making false and misleading claims." - google

Funny, seeing as how they market cows milk as being good calcium for your bones.. Little do we know, that cow's milk calcium is indigestible to humans (in other words: cows milk may have tons! of calcium.. its just not calcium our human body's can use... calcium wise. Crazy right?! It's like the commercials on TV lied to us!!.. No, actually they didn't.. but they marketed it very well. Just because a commercial says "cows milks has tons of calcium," it doesn't mean that calcium is usable to our bodies.. We have just been assuming that for years.) So, no, cows milk factually will NOT make your bones stronger. Look it up for yourself.

It actually can even do the opposite, and increase the risk (especially in women) for getting osteopetrosis. Even crazier right?! (side note: there are plenty of sources of to get calcium from, that WILL strengthen your bones, if you aren't aware: Broccoli, Kale, Almonds, Spinach...)

The fact that the FDA promotes and allows substances / products (and might I say.. a lot of them!!) that do not do what they advertise them to do, or they market them in such a way, as to convince us of the lies they make money on.

So if orgone devices fall under that category, why wouldn't they just do what they always do? Market it like it works and then mass produce it and make profit off of it?

My personal opinion, along with lots of correlating experience, leads me to think that orgone devices are actually being sold based on "true claims" (because that's what they are so "worried" about right? the legitimacy *sarcastic* of the products being sold here)

Let me just..


They (the FDA) sells you stuff all the time that is inconsistent with what you think said product / service will do. Again, it's all in the marketing. They don't have to actually lie if they select their words carefully. The human brain is a strong tool, and that's what professional marketing agents have mastered: using your brain as a tool to get them money. It sounds interesting when you put it that way, but honestly, if you have any experience in marketing, you know a lot of the marketing and sales industry is bad, in the sense that a lot of these really "good" marketing agents (have a lots of $$ / capital) have learned to trick people into getting stuff / services that they don't even need. It's all in careful word selection, tone, sometimes even fear tactics.. It's really just all such a mess, which is why now days if your really want to know anything, you kinda just gotta go out and try it for yourself. Be a scientist! Be curious! Learn to Alchemize and take notes :) Learn to put yourself IN the experience, and not just read or hear about it. Because truly, there is just so much false information out there, and it can be really hard to differentiate (people are good liars). The best way, personally, is to put yourself in the experience.

Maybe, just maybe, Wilhelm Reich's research was correct

I mean look where we are today. People still support him and his work.

They put him in jail for "false claims" (which he kept healing people even after! they took him to court and said his ideas were bull shit..) Ya, must be some scam if people are still buying into it, even after they find out it's bull shit *sarcastic*..... that's because these people's personal experience (same as me) told them otherwise.

And I'm not the only one, go look around google, ig, wherever.. There ARE other people (other than myself) that have personal experience with the positive effects of orgonite

Those effects include:

(this is what I have personally experienced. I am not going to put anything down here that others have said to be true, that I have not personally experienced. I am only going to put what I have personally experienced with orgonite / orgone devices :)

- Larger Garden / Fruits and Veggies grown bigger and stronger

- Positive Energy (anywhere and I mean anywhere! I go with my orgonite, it just seems the people around me are more happy / at peace. When I don't wear it, I immediately notice the people around me not as happy or at peace; as well as myself. I feel less upbeat and active without my orgonite

- Rain Bringer (this is literally just something you have to experience, because every single person I came across that talked to me about orgonite bringing rain!! I was like "nahhhhh. whaaa?!" But sure enough EVERY batch of orgonite I have made has brought immense amounts of rain... to the desert! This is not something I will prove over writing, but rather through experience. I make a lot of orgonite. I get so see these effects all the time. If you ever want to see them 1st hand, HMU, tag along :) or get some for yourself and try it out!

- X-Trail Diffuser (I'm not 100% why orgonite tends to do this, but again if you make orgonite or even just wear orgonite, you will start to see. Every time I make orgonite, I get X-ed out.. Right over top of me. Sonner than later, the X starts to disappear but the rest of the trails continue to exist in all 4 opposite directions of the X (not sure if that makes sense.. but pretty much, underneath the orgonite the white trails start to disappear, but where there is no orgonite, the trails continue / stay the same. I have many many many more stories about x-trails dissipating in the presence of orgonite. Literally just ask and I will tell you.. It's far too much to all put here. Also you can find videos eye have made and other info on IG, with the hash tag #gsfarmersmarketorgonite :)

- Fruit and Veggie preserver (this one is definitely the most notable, for me personally, as I've been eating fruits and veggies since before I even heard of orgonite and 1000% my fruits and veggies last a whole lot longer in the presence of orgonite, that without it)

*This one I can't say I personally feel... I mean can anyone?

Orgone devices are said help protect us from the negative side effects from 5G radiation.. interestingly enough, Wilhem said his orgone devices had the power to cure cancer.. and shortly after got placed in federal prison. Interesting right?

How to tell the difference?

Well, when it's coming out of the planes, its pretty easy to see. But if you have trouble differentiating - real clouds will move.. as they are real clouds... and DOR (dead orgone energy), aka x-trails, will not move... as they are not real clouds. Even when they dissipate with the orgonite is placed underneath = relatively no movement; the x-trail just starts to disappear, slowly but surely.

*If you want to know more / see more stuff I've posted on this topic, feel free to go into IG (they zenz0r me sometimes so just a heads up there, in case some info seems like its missing or you cant click on a post, just know its IG trying to control our collective consciousness as much as it can.. little do "they" know we collectively can speak freely to each other in the astral realms. teehee :) so in my opinion, it's just a matter of time and due diligence (these super powers don't come for free, but with practice and the correct energy exchanges) before we all wake up / we all have these abilities.. Anyways! lol, the hashtag is:

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