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Copper Tensor Rings

$15 each

$20 on sterling silver neckalce


*made by my Copper Artist @copperprince369 on IG


- Restructures H2O (this will make your water feel much more smooth and refreshing to drink)

- Purifies any toxicities

- Protects you from EMF

- Heals the 7 layers of the body (your chakras :)

- Protects you from negative entities (you can literally point it at people and it will begin to work on them :)


Eye personally carry 1-2 copper tensor rings with me, everywhere eye go. One for my pocket / person and one to sit on my water jug. Eye feel a substantial energy difference when eye wear my copper tensor ring, than when eye don't.



all questions and orders please mssg Gentry (425)241-9810

thank you :)

Copper Tensor Rings