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Medicinal Plant Pills

always made with 100% vegetable cellulose capsules, not gelatin :)



Ashwagandha Root Pills



CBD Isolate Pills

$50/1g, 0.2-0.5g/pill depending on your preferred dosage





Ginger Root Pills



Lion’s Mane Pills



Red Reishi Pills



Shilajit Pills

$111 / 20g of pure resin

*check out the "Shilajit" tab for more options :)


Turmeric Root Pills

$17/jar1, larger pills {35 count}

$20/jar2, smaller pills {44count} 



*Infused Chocolates available under "(plant name) Infused Chocolates" .. ex: "Chaga Infused Chocolates" .. "Lion's Mane Infused Chocolates" ..

*Raw Powers also available under "(plant name)" Powder" .. ex: "Maca Root Powder" .. "Ginger Root Powder" ..

Medicinal Plant Pills