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Shilajit from Himalayas

$60 / 20g pure shilajit resin (0.7oz jar size)


Other Options:

  • Shilajit from Himalayas ($60/jar {20g pure shilajit resin})
  • Shilajit from Russia ($66/ small jar {22g pure shilajit resin}, $123/ large jar {44g pure shilajit resin})
  • Shilajit Tincture ($80/ 2mL vial) (made with your choice of Himalayan or Russian shilajit)
  • Shilajit Pills ($80/22g pure resin portioned in 0.5g pills, 44ct) (made with Russian shilajit)

*ALL shilajit products come in UV light protected glass to protect the sacred medicine :)




  • Tincture / Spagyric ($80/ 2mL vial)
  • Pill Jar ($111, contains 20g pure shilajit resin)

*note: veggie capsule pills are also available for purchase if you wish to make your own plant medine pills ($5/100ct)


ALL shilajit products come in UV light protected glass to protect the sacred medicine :)


purest Shilajit resin, hand collected in the Himalayan Mountains 


"Destroyer of Weaknesses"

"Nectar of the God's"

"Indian Viagra"

"Blood of Mountain"


- considered one of the most powerful adaptogens in Ayurvedic medicine (used for thousands of years as a Rasayana (path of essence)

- deliveres nutrients and detoxifies the body on a cellular level

- naturally concentrated form of fulvic and humic acids and contains at least 85 ionic minerals.

- energy production / vitality / increases physical stregth

- youthfulness / anti-aging properties (neutralized free radicals and oxidization)

- mental clarity / improves brain function & memory

- speeds up recovery process from exercise

- increases general immunity

- red blood cell production (great for those with anemia or any sort of blood circulation issue :)

- Increase testosterone / in-courages healthy testosterone production within the body

- Balances hormones / increases fertility and protects the reproductive sytetem / increases libido


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Shilajit from Himalayas