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  • How do I pay for my order? How do I get my order?
    Zelle (425)241-9180 Cash App @ $gentry10 PUT TITLE OF PRODUCT OR SERVICE IN PAYMENT DESCRIPTION Thank you! Further Purchasing Instructions: email me or text me (425)241-9810 with your order details: - your full name - what your ordered (optional, as you put what you're purchasing in your payment description on Cash App or Zelle already :) - do you want shipped, pick up, or drop off? Shipping - make sure your full correct name and address is included Pick Ups - make sure to have your confirmed pick up time and come get ya goodies!! Drop Offs - make sure to get your drop off eta and be ready when your order comes MAKE SURE TO PUT THIS INFO so eye can get you your goodies!!
  • REWARD POINTS - what can I get?
    POINT SYSTEM Every $10 = 1 point earned Get Telegram and / or sign up for the Monthly Email - both have a link to a google docs menu that includes absolutely EVERYTHING available on the website, and if you scroll to the bottom and it will show the most updated list of prizes that you can exchange your rewards points for :) all prizes are subject to change at any time, based on inventory availability
  • How do I place a custom order?
    text me, call me, face time me (425)241-9810 or Email me Tell me about what you want (custom jewelry pieces, custom smoke shop accessories, 1 on 1 yoga sessions, specialized soccer training, specific tie dye t-shirt, custom juice flavors... anything on my website that you want customized really) and we'll work out a price we both agree on NOTE: ALL CUSTOM ORDERS ARE PRE PAID ONLY (this is for my financial and mental safety. I have had people in the past who ordered something specific and then didn't pay for it, once I finished. In order to avoid this, I take payment for custom orders, and all of your info (drop off, pick up, shipped...) BEFORE making your product. I hope this makes sense to everyone. Thank you :)
  • Can I talk to the owner in person?
    Yes! Please do :) NOTE: scheduling a time to talk with in advance me is preferred especially if you want a larger chunk of my time **always ok to email/ text me 24/7 to schedule an time to talk with me. My schedule gets pretty busy, and sometimes people want a set amount of time to talk with me on the phone so they feel they have adequate time to pick out gemstones, plants, talk about yoga or soccer services :) you can call, text, even face time me (425)241-9180 email I'm a little slower on so def use the phone for quicker responses, but if you prefer email by all means! and I'll get back to you asap :)
  • How do I attend gsfarmersmarket Community Events?
    1st Way Go to Insta Gram I have a highlight on my business' IG @gsfarmersmarket_llc and if you scroll through the highlights you will find one named "Community" - click on that and see what the next upcoming community event is :) 2nd Way you can also just contact me here and just ask what the next upcoming events are (425)241-9810 or Community events can include any of these activities: - bonfire meditation / grounding - spiritual ceremonies (cacao, sananga...) - yoga / asana practice - breath work / play - sound healing / frequency alignment - ecstatic dancing - laughter, making friends, fun conversations :)
  • How do I sign up for personalized Yoga Session?
    You literally just need to ask Dont be shy :) Working on providing services to everyone! That includes all walks of life - healthy/ fit people / beginner or advanced - injured people / recovery work - people struggling with weight issues / too skinny or too fat - people with diff disabilities, dis-eases, conditions, different ways of thinking / amputees, handicaped, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, eating disorders, autism, aspergers, deaf or hard of hearing... (these are just some examples of diff conditions people live with and still practice yoga) *1 on 1 sessions are a bit more expensive than a group setting (as you will recieve a lot more instruction and specialized help, than in a group setting) but also know if you want to get some friends together and do a yoga session for just you and your friends, I can make a special price / deal for you, depending on time and number of people you want to bring :)
  • How do I sign up for Soccer Training?
    Kids or Adults (all ages and skill levels welcome) Again :) all you need to do is ask I have played soccer my whole life, started coaching in 2012 and currently have my E liscence. Throughout the years I have been blissed in helping so many kids and adults (from elite players to those with special needs / disabilities) improve their overall soccer skill set I only offer this service based on request. I dont particularly market this service, but I do coach most times I am requested :) Email: Phone: (425)241-9810 *contact to schedule your 1st training session with me (individual or team evaluation is always 1st so I can best access what needs to be worked on, for future session)
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