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this piece has found it's home, but if you like it and would like something similar I'm more than happy to make a custom order for you :)


Carnelian Cholla Necklace



Carnelian Metaphysics

- Improves Analytic Abilities

- Sharpens Concentration

- Dispels Mental Lethargy

- Enhances Creativity

- Increases Courage and helps people with self esteem issues

- Associated with the Base and Sacral Chakras

- July Birthstone - if you're born in July, this is ya birthstone!

- Zodiac Gemstone for Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo


Cholla Metaphysics

- Activates out inner capacity for self-ordering and reconstruction after a time of transformation and change.

- It helps us see that change occurs in harmony with our own unique soul plan.

Carnelian Cholla Necklace