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Cookies!! & Edible Cookie Doughs

  • Mini Chocolate Peppermint Cookies ($14/dozen, $26/double dozen
  • Chocolate Coconut Oat Cookies ($5 each, $26/half dozen, $50/dozen)
  • Fluffy Maple Cookies with Chocolate Frosting ($8/2pack, $18/half dozen, $35/dozen)
  • Giant Almond Butter Cookies ($8 each) // Almond Butter Cookie Dough ($8/small jar {8oz}, $15/large jar {16oz})
  • Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies ($9 each) // Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ($9/ small jar {8oz}, $16/ large jar {16oz})
  • Giant Double Chocolate Chip Cookies ($10 each) // Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ($10/ small jar {8oz}, $18/ large jar {16oz})
  • Mini Pop Tarts ($8/pair, $23/half dozen, $44/dozen) // made with Almond Flour and in house made Berry Compote of your Choice
  • Samoas // vegan version of your favorite girl scout cookies and they are bigger in size because we like it like that! ($8/2pack, $18/half dozen, $35/dozen)
  • Sweet Vanilla Bean Cookies ($8/pair, $23/half dozen, $44/dozen) // made with vanilla bean not from extract, in house made date paste, and glyphosate free oats



non gmo

gluten free



all questions and orders please mssg G (425)241-9810

thank you :)

Cookies!! & Edible Cookie Doughs



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