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Mushrooms, Local Raw Homegrown

grown by Biologist Luke


Stay up to date on what Local Mushrooms are available today on the IG @gsfarmersmarket_llc



*this is a great way to buy / also preferred way to buy because:

1) you pick the exact strain you want grown a professional Biologist (Luke M.) will grow them just for you

2) you will then be notified as soon as your mushrooms are ready for harvest, ensuring you get the freshest possible local mushrooms

(list at bottom of the page for ALL pre order options :)


Mushrooms // homegrown by Biologist Luke M with Mycota Labs

  • Pearl Oyster ($11/ box)
  • Lion’s Mane ($17/box)
  • custom mushroom requests welcome (turkey tail, reishi, princess pearl oyster...)
  • Grow Kits ($35/small, $50/large)


This is what Luke loves to do!

Thank you for supporting a local mycologists dream!!




all questions and orders please mssg Gentry (425)241-9810

thank you :)


also! feel free to mssg Biologist Luke (425)442-4607 with any questions you may have, as he has lots of amazing info on how to grow your own mushrooms, as well as many videos to help guide you on your journey

- tik tok videos @luke_mycota


Much Love!

~ from the Dream Team Luke & G

Mushrooms / Homegrown



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