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Everything Bagel Seasoning

$30 / jar {8oz}


Ingredients: gsfarmersmarket dried onion powder, gsfarmersmarket dried garlic powder, poppy seeds, gsfarmersmarket sesame seeds, pink salt.



eye make every jar my-cell-ph, drying and blenging all of the onions and garlic into a powder and then hand mixing with poppy seeds, sesame seeds and pink salt. This is one of my all time favorite seasonings! Often when I'm out and about, eye like to crack open an avocado and cut into lil avo cubes and then eye pour the seasoning on top and eat just like that. Made that lil snack in so so many places for my-cell-ph and so so many other poeple and every time.. it's a hit!


non gmo


made with love

Everything Bagel Seasoning