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Hormone Balancers

  • Ashwagandha ($10)
  • Mugwort ($17/ jar)
  • Maca ($18/jar)
  • Red Raspberry Leaf ($8)
  • Shilajit ($60 pure resin // $80 tincture)
  • Wild Sea Moss (all info and price options above in apothecary section or look in the local kitchen section for ready to eat gels)
  • Naked Sun Bathing (FREE) it's ideal to make sure your body is clean / showered, you are hydrated and not over stuffed / dont be very full. Get the bottoms of your feet, your booty and genitals, belly, and back :)



all orders & questions please mssg G (425)241-9810

thank you :)

Hormone Balancers



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