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Maca Root Powder




Blend is made with red maca, white maca, and black maca. eye do this becasue it's a great way to balance the masculine and feminine energies in the body. This is what eye prefer and make for my-cell-ph, so this is what eye make and provide to the community. If you look more into the properties of maca you will find that there are more masculine varieties and more feminine verieties and ingesting them together.. let just say: MAGIC!


Maca Benefits

- promotes cognitive fuction / mental clarity

- packed with high levels of Iron and Iodine (healthy cells and metabolism regulation)

- contains a large amount of potassium (help digestion and reduces muscle fatigue)

- Balances hormone levels (historically used for preventing PMS, improves fertility, libido, increases semen production, reduces stress, and is an anti-depressant :)

*Ancient Inca Warriors were know to eat Maca before entering battle because it dramatically improved thier fighting abilities (vitality, energy, mental clarity / better focus!.. makes sense :)


*Maca Pills available under "Medicinal Plant Pills" tab

*Chocolates also available under "Maca Infused Chocolates" tab

Maca Root Powder