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Custom Necklaces made by G :)


most of my necklaces are cholla embedded with different gemstones.

Feel free to place Custom Orders any time:

G (425)241-9810

also feel free to face time me directly, so you can see what necklaces are available in shop today :)


What's available in shop:

  • Citrine Hook Necklace ($50)
  • Lapis Lazuli Peridot Necklace ($80)
  • Labradorite Cholla Necklace ($60)
  • Blue Barbadensis Necklace ($60)
  • Psy-kick Necklace ($100)


Pieces that have found thier home:

  • Red Agate Cholla Necklace SOLD
  • Cholla Vision Necklace SOLD
  • Lava Amethyst Necklaces SOLD
  • Malachite Bark Necklace SOLD
  • Orgonite Puzzle Piece Necklace SOLD
  • Malachite Amethyst Necklace SOLD
  • Amethyst Point Necklaces SOLD
  • Mesquite Bark & Sap Necklaces SOLD
  • Ponderosa Pine Amethyst Necklace SOLD

(didn't used to do this but I'm gonna keep track now bc it kinda fun :)

(also this list is a great way to see if ther's something above you may like and that way you can place a custom order for the same thing or something similar :)


thank you!

Necklaces made by G (Custom)



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