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Date Bites


Chocolate Coconut Nectar Date Bites // 

aka: “Vegan Mylky Ways / Milk Duds / Rollos.."



Coconut Butter Date Bites



Matcha Date Bites

$12/half dozen




Ingredients: gsfarmersmarket medjool dates, gsfarmersmarket chocolate (cocoa butter, cocoa powder, dates, vanilla bean, gsfarmersmarket coconut oil) // the "vegan mylky ways" also contain coconut nectar // match date bites have in house made almond honey whip, in shop matcha powder, cocoa butter and in shop coconut sugar // the coconut butter date bites are just medjool dates and coconut butter



*note: old picture of cocoa dipped deglet noor dates (much smaller variety than the current medjool dates / last picture :) // go to IG @gsfarmersmarket_llc and look under "local kitchen" highlights to see more :)



for all questions and orders

please mssg G (425)241-9810

thank you :)

Date Bites