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*Feel Free to use this as inspiration for your custom order :)


Calling this peice "Wandering Eyes"

As we go through life sometimes we find that certian things we once wanted so dearly, become things that we actually don't want. We start to crave a change / a difference.. And then our eyes start to wander.

It may be difficult at times to step into these new activities, environments, even if its what we really really want for our-cell-phs. Sometimes the programming of what we have gone through is so strong that it tries to pull us back when we least expect it. This necklace is a great tool for anyone trying to aid positive change in thier lives, as malachite aids transformation, adventurine promotes perserverance and positivity, amethyst dissolves negative energy, and cholla helps with letting go of emotional attachments that no longer serve us. More notes on gemstone metaphysics can be found on my blog page :)


Much love!


"Wandering Eyes"