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Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Gentry McPherson (G)

Owner of gsfarmersmarket LLC

(picture above taken in Sedona at The Red Rocks :)


- If you know me, you know I just like to have fun. Often times that involves me getting into new things. Really don't know if I should even put this here, but people often refer to me as one, so here ya go :)

Certified Yoga Instructor

- 1 on 1 session, after the practice you will receive a printed or virtual copy of the entire session, that way you can keep to practice, and keep healing! We may also record our session, if you would like, and you can keep the recording after our practice. If you keep practicing what I have showed you, you will start see more and more improvement in the areas your struggling with / wishing to fix / get relief... ex1: body builder, pretty fit, needs scapula stretched out more... For that I make yoga class specified for stretching the scapula in diff ways... ex2: wheelchair yoga, there are ways to stretch all parts of the body we have, even if it seems a bit unconventional. Personally I have been loving making these sessions :)

Yoga Teacher (2021 - current)

*Certified by SSV Yoga

Licensed Soccer Coach

- E License (certified / licensed by the US Soccer Federation)

- 8+ years of every day coaching experience (When I used to coach every day, I worked for these child development programs called "Lil Kickers" and "Skills Institute." I no longer work for them but I still do specialized soccer training for kids and adults whenever requested :)

- 20+ years playing experience (played all of growing up, high school varsity teams, pima college team of 2015...) training for premiere and elite level athletes down to developmental soccer training, I love it all!

- I am more than happy to adjust the price for developmental soccer players, people with disabilities, kids or adults just starting to learn the game of soccer.. pretty much anyone that doesn't need as intensive of a practice / specialized soccer training. Prices are adjusted only for players requiring more basic soccer training & developmental skills.

- Soccer Coach (2012 - current)

- Soccer Player (2000 - current)

Artist (custom gemstone jewelry, woodwork, orgonite pieces...)

- Started learning from other jewelry makers / vendors in 2020. I just became super attracted to being able to make my own jewelry, and fascinated with how its all done. I fell in love with it and still make jewelry for myself and my friends to this day. Sometimes people pick what's on the website, and sometimes people place custom orders. No matter what I'm making I always feel like I get to go into this deep meditation while making jewelry. I love that feeling! - Also, I do a fair amount of woodwork, just from fixing stuff up around the house to making custom rolling trays with peoples names on it, orgonite wood cutting boards, you name it... I include this here, because I often use cholla wood, pine wood, Australian bottle cap tree wood... in my jewelry deigns, as well. I have about 3-4 years official woodshop experience and prob. about a decade in practice now. I honestly just love art; it makes me feel free :)

- Been woodworking since 2012 *not a licensed woodworker*

Gardener / Farmer / Plant Expert

- Been actively gardening since about 2016. All my plants and seeds are 100% raw/ organic/ natural, that I have personally grown and harvested from my own compost. None of my garden has ever ingested any sort of pesticides, and my compost is made 100% from fruits and veggie scraps :)

- Gardener (2016 - current)

- gsfarmersmarket LLC Garden (official start 2020 - current)

Chef & Cold Press Juice Expert

- Food Handlers Permit Certified (certified by "ANSI" in the State of Arizona)

- Cold Pressed Juices, Cashew Milks, all the Health and Wellness Products y'all ingest, need to be prepared safely for human consumption. I renew this license every year or 2, for my safety and yours :)

- #madebygentry Cashew Milks and Fresh Pressed Juices (official start 2020 - current)

- Cook at a local kitchen (2021 - current)

- Personal Chef / prices are based on cost of ingredients and meal prep time (2022 - current)

- If you ever need a cook / food handler / personal chef / fresh pressed juices or cashew milks (or herbs from my garden) for your business, eye am more than happy to help :)

Alchemist & Health Product Vendor

- Practicing Alchemist *not licensed* (2020 - current)

- This, right here, is pretty much why I decided to make gsfarmersmarket LLC. I started to realize all the great health and wellness products I had gravitated into my life, and as I look around, I tend to see a scarcity of ACTUAL health products, in this society... I tend to see pills and magic remedies from big pharma and large corporations, with excellent marketing, but very little knowledge... hardly ever do I see THAT RECONNECTION with nature. gsfarmersmarket LLC was created in hopes for us to all be able heal together. I see so many suffer that do not need to; if only they had the tools / the knowledge.. This is what I want to do, for myself and for others - share what I have come to know and experience, in an effort to benefit us all, because if we all heal together, this place will get better, not only for me, but for you, for us all :)

*MOST COMMON Health Products People Buy, in order from most to least popular:

(just gonna do top 5 :)

1) Raw Honey (updated 2/1/23)

2) Custom Art / Necklaces (updated 2/1/23)

3) Shilajit (updated 2/1/23)

4) Burdock Root (updated 2/1/23)

5) Irish Sea Moss and ISM Gel (updated 2/1/23)

*picture above from left to right is Irish Sea Moss, Sananga, Custom Orgonite Cutting Boards. More on my IG @gsfarmersmarket_llc

Metaphysical Practitioner & Gemstone Vendor

- I've been actively collecting gemstones for their astonishing beauty and many metaphysical properties, since around 2017. Before that, I just collected rocks here and there and really didn't know too much about the geology or metaphysical properties. Once I started to study geology, that's actually when I started to get curios about the metaphysical properties, and just how interconnected the science and metaphysics actually are. Turns out, it's ALL connected. The more you study, the more you will find that the science actually backs up the metaphysical properties, we "claim" stones have.)

- Gemstone Vendor & Metaphysical Practitioner (official start 2020 - current)

*If you're not sure what to get or maybe you're new to the gemstone world and don't know much about it, feel free to ask for a recommendation on what to get. I've been studying and experimenting with different gemstones over the years and have become pretty attuned to what properties various gemstones have and what they can help / aid you with. So don't be afraid to ask (text or call, email, ig dm are all good ways to reach me questions :) We are all here to heal together!

Smoke Shop Vendor & Cannabis Connoisseur

- Smoke Shop Vendor (official start 2020 - current)

- Premium cannabis products: CBD products, Delta 8, and smoke shop accessories.

- Personally eye have found CBD to be very useful for a multitude of purposes (helps control anxiety, appetite stimulant, sleep aid, anti inflammatory, and pain management).

- Full Spectrum CBD oil - 3000mg CBD - Lab Tested - no additives - only MCT oil and CBD.

- So many great things about CBD and it really can help us all in such diff ways.. ex1: quitting cigarettes / CBD is said to have a similar effect to tobacco, without the harsh side effects, so you can see why many people have successfully quit smoking tobacco with CBD... ex2: weight loss / regulation, CBD helps regulate our metabolism, causing those with unnecessary extra weight to start loosing it, and those underweight to start putting lbs on.

Supporter of Small and Sustainable Businesses

- gsfarmersmarket LLC supports other Small and Sustainable Businesses

- go check out my "Support Small Business" tab on the front page.

- IG @gsfarmersmarket_llc there's a highlight names #goteam that has all the other small businesses eye work with / help support :)

(2021 - current)


Cell: (425)241-9810 (text = fastest, call is best when scheduled, in case eye am busy :)



Instagram (business) - gsfarmersmarket_LLC

Instagram (personal) - gentry10

Facebook - Gentry McPherson

TikTok -


Cash App - $gentry10

Zelle - 4252419810

*please make sure you put a payment description for any funds sent to, so that it can be used accordingly :)


1.) Place order via phone or email / confirm with me what you're getting :)


*please specify in you order message if you would like PICK UP, DROP OFF, or SHIPPED with full name and address

2.) Pay to gsfarmersmarket LLC cash app or zelle (put title of product / service in payment description :)

cash app: $gentry10

zelle: 4252419810

3) That's it! You will receive a confirmation response for your order and you will receive your order accordingly :) INJOY!!


- any donations made to goes towards running local events (farmers market pop ups) and any materials / supplies needed to run the event. Any extra $ not used on the market goes towards clean water for the homeless :) Go you! If you donated you might have just saved a thirsty soul in the Arizona heat. And all water handed out is Alkaline+, bc fluoride is a neurotoxin, I try my absolute best to provide others with the exact same water I would drink :) Also, all water is packaged in 100% biodegradable packaging, so you don't have to worry about negatively impacting the environment, just to hep someone get water. Thank you for your support! You're awesome!

More Pics :)

(left and right pic are @ Antelope Canyon and the middle pic is @ Sunset Crater :)

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