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Breath Work

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

*private breath work sessions now available on my YouTube for purchase

- so far, eye have kept them short in effort to reach people with busy busy schedules and just need a min or two out of their day to relax. This is not to say eye wont offer more advanced / longer videos in the future, but right now eye am focusing a lot of my energy on the shorter videos because eye know how stressful it can be place to place to place, thing to thing! and how positively breath work has impacted me, especially in moments of stress or being super overwhelmed. So for right now, this is who eye would like to make my target audience; the super super busy bees :)

*Breath Work Sessions are all numbered on my ig page as well @gsfarmersmarket_llc under my highlight "breath work"

"Parasympathetic Breaths" - sounds complicated, but oh! is it simple. So simple in fact, we often forget to breath correctly because we tend to identify the breath as a non-priority, compared to our other activities in life.. Now as to why, eye don't know. The breath really is so important and it can and it will lead you out of many many situations in your life, much better than if you are to not be mindful / observant of you breath (when we are angry, maybe when we are fearful or anxious something might happen, while exercising?... so many diff situations we can accomplish much better, and in a state of bliss! JUST by practicing mindfulness with the breath)

So, what are "Parasympathetic Breaths?"

In short, it's breathing deeply in and out at a slow, even pace, which signals our "parasympathetic nervous system" to calm the body down. This manages the stress responses in the body, which helps decrease fear, anxiety, racing thoughts, shallow chest breathing, and rapid heart beat.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Just like what it sounds like :) alternating your breath between each nostril.

Start with a big breath in through both nostrils and plug your right nostril as you breath out through your left nostril, breath back in through that (left) nostril, then plug your left nostril and breath out through your right nostril, breath in through your right nostril, and plug your left... repeat pattern as much as comfortable for you.

*use "prithvi mudra" to alternate plugging nostrils if you wish. this is what I was taught. You can do with your index finger too. Prithvi mudra will increase your connection to both the earth and sun energies.. it is not necessary to do alternate nostril breathing with Prithvi, but it is a nice addition if you wish to add to your practice. (picture to the right shows fingers straight, but in order to do alternate nostril breathing, your fingers will need to be bent, and that's ok, so long as you keep the connection between your thumb and ring finger)

Breath of Fire

Kapal Bhati Pranayama


Breath air in and pump air out of both nostrils. Let each inhale feel natural, and on the breath out focus on pumping air out of your body. (belly collapses in on breath out, belly expands out on the breath in. This is just to make sure you are breathing correctly. Focus mostly on natural inhales and forceful exhales.)


- Great for the digestive tract

- Cleans out the lungs

- Activated frontal cortex of the brain (the frontal lobe is responsible for higher cognitive functions such as memory, emotions, impulse control, problem solving, social interaction, and motor function)

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