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Coach G's Soccer Experience

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

USSF Certified E License Coach

Lil' Kickers Coach (child development program) from 2011-2018

Skills Institute Coach (skill development program) from 2013-2018

Played for Pima College '15

I've played soccer my whole life

Ever since I can remember, I've always loved bringing a soccer ball with me. Just makes everything more fun :) Never a dull moment, when you have a soccer ball to play with.

Growing up I played on various select and premiere teams, in high school I played a mix of JV and Varsity, and then in 2015 I played for Pima College.

After I continued playing with friends, doing pick up games, organizing indoor teams, etc..

With certain injuries and concussions I've acquired over the years, I decided to tone it down a bit. I no longer play on an organized team, but I still get out with friends and have a great time on the field.

Every so often, from my years of coaching, old clients, friends, or family reach out and ask for soccer training.

This is pretty much why I decided to write this blog post - just to give anyone else curious about my Coaching Services a little insight to me and what I do.

So, even while I worked for Lil' Kickers and Skills Institute, I ran my own "Coach G's Specialized Soccer Training" for the simple reason, that just spending more time with the soccer ball can increase your abilities with it. I wanted to get those seeking training outside of class, additional help.

Must have been a good idea, because I still get phone calls from parents I used to work with, or friends of friends (you know how it goes) requesting my soccer training services.

And I've always had so much fun doing it! From all the feedback I get from the parents "Coach G! You wouldn't believe it, I saw him use that move you JUST showed him this weekend, and he was dribbling through all the other kids like crazy" ... the feedback directly from the kids "I used that move you showed me Coach G, and I scored a goal!!"... to getting to go to random games here and there, just to see how the kids I'm coaching have progressed... Just seeing excited faces all the time - ready to learn! ready to compete! ... It's really so hard just to type out here (tone, facial expressions, all the little and big celebrations...) but all of the things I've gained just from being a soccer coach, is priceless. I could never put a price to the amount of joy and fulfillment teaching others, and seeing them succeed gives me. It's a teacher's greatest honor - to show and then be shown :)

I'm still open for work, though I do not run regular classes / sessions like I do with yoga.

I coach only based on special request:

- individuals players seeking skill improvement (absolutely any age welcome)

- teams or groups of players seeking skill improvement (absolutely any age welcome)

- developmental and training (for children ages 8 and below, also for any individuals with any type of disability seeking to build social, emotional, and cognitive skills :)

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