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Yoga / Healing Session Reviews #madebygentry

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

If you would like to send one in, please do! You can text me a review to my

cell @ (425)241-9810

You can email me @

or even DM me on Instagram @gsfarmersmarket_llc

and Thank you to everyone who already left a review.

eye appreciate you helpin' us all grow together!

-> Check out my official business IG @gsfarmersmarket_llc for more :)

*If I'm ever going too fast or you don't inner-stand something, please don't be afraid to speak up. There's really no issue with me going slower or repeating myself. In my opinion, yoga is often done better when done slower, because it really teaches one to move with the breath, instead of rushing through movements / rushing the breath & "repetition is the mother of nature." Both great things :)

(9/9/22) Update

rarely running consistent classes now days, though eye would like to make a regular class again (maybe once a week) in the future.

Recently, most of my energy has been focused on individual healing sessions. They are much more satiating for, not only me, but the people eye have been working with. Finding that 1 on 1 help really is the best in this busy busy world. Again. like eye said, eye hope to offer a regular class again soon, but I'm just being transparent about where I'm at currently. Will keep y'all posted on where I'm at and what I'm doing. In the mean time, if you need healing, let me know and eye may be able to help. I'm not perfect, but eye am confident in my healing abilities, as eye have been dong it far before eye knew what it was eye was doing. The more eye practice the more eye learn and am able to inner-stand. There are so many different kinds of people and different issues we deal with. What eye have come to inner-stand and wish to share with the world, is that suffering is not the only way of existing. There is a way to heal. There is peace. eye have been able to show many the way, but not everyone. Be careful if you come to me not wishing to actually heal, you may get your-cell-ph into one hell of a reality. My advice is to really set your intentions right, on what you truly truly want, and then come to me and eye promise you eye will do my absolute best to aid you on your journey here.

- Love Gentry

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