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Health is Wealth

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

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Winning the argument is not the objective. It's not a competition. We both want to walk away feeling inner-stood :)

Food is the most abused anxiety drug

Fasting is the most forgotten cure

Exercise is the most underused antidepressant

Serotonin is produced in the stomach

Gut health = mental health

First lets start out with "what is Yoga?"

Eye personally believe yoga is ancient technology that has been passed down to us through generations.

Ancient technology!?

Yes! ancient technology that's main function is to helps enlighten us, to help end suffering. By moving the body through different yoga poses WITH the breath, we allow diff energy channels in the body to become clear / more free.

Yoga is the union of the mind, body, and spirit (breath)

Yoga is meant to help end our ignorance & suffering

1) Helps us adjust our personality, rather than altering our external environment.

2) Gives us insight into nature so that we may discern between the permanent and the transient.

3) Teaches us that our physical and mental energies must be conserved to maintain peace.

4) The highest dimension of human consciousness is believed to be attainable through diligent yoga practice.

5) Encourages a sense of surrender and devotion to universal consciousness (or God or Ishvara = sanskrit for Lord) to develop the right attitudes & remove strong emotional disturbances of the mind.

6) Yoga makes it possible to alter the course of the mind through constant practice & detachment

If you start to get into a flow (let say, practicing yoga 3-7/ week.. everyone is different, thus less practice might be more taxing on others than it is you.. but pretty much, when you're returning to your mat/ the earth whenever you can to keep learning and improving your yoga skills) you will start to notice ignorance's and impurities of the mind start to be removed and left behind, and wisdom being bestowed in exchange.

Asanas / Poses

Remove physical discomfort accumulated throughout our day/ week / life..

All of this.. Is why to practice yoga :)

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bee care-full out there homies!

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