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Some Thoughts on Cov1d

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

To anyone who has created any of this content - please reach out so I can give credit where credit's due. Proof will be required. Most of these have been passed around on the internet via screen shot. I ss them in hopes to share my own thoughts on each - Injoy :)

They want you to have a vaccine passport but

even with the vaccine,

you can still catch it,

you can still spread it (this part is arguable to me under germ vs terrain theory.. in other words I don't personally believe those in good health can pass a disease to others. If you are in good health, it means just that.. on the contrary, if you are not in good health, you are much more able to contact many things that can make you sick.. from the overall environment you're living in.. not the one person you saw on the bus who was unvax.. this is what I have come to believe over the years. I do not mind if you disagree with me, a lot of people do, and I think it just has to do with the information given to us over the TV by these large c0rporations that control us by $ the dollar)

you still need to get tested

you still need to quarantine

you still need a mask

you still need to social distance


So then what is the passport really for?

Maybe I'm being a bit extreme (only the future will tell) but did we not see Jewish people being labeled with stars not too long ago?! Difference is.. this time we should know better.. Again, maybe I'm being extreme, but sadly I don't believe I am.

*got this one from snap chat before my snap got deleted for spreading information about orgonite. crazy right!? lol , I thought it was a coincidence, or sum maybe happened with the system, but no joke, when I 1st started making orgonite and educating people on it, 3 snap chat accounts in a row (not just got warned) but completely removed and banned.


I do not be trustin' mod3rna or pf1zer. I'm just gonna leave it there.

"You can only serve one God" .. in other words: if you care more about money (serving money as a god) you will, as a result, be less loving and compassionate towards humans (an in turn, probably make decisions that can help you gain money, but not friends)

The vice versa of that would be serving mother nature as "God" (air quotes bc I don't really identify with the word god, personally, but I know that's how a lot of people like to connect to the concept.. I think of "God" as the universe or mother nature :) This would mean acting in accordance of all things. To be here, in your very own unique presence, with the intention of helping, not to harm.

As you can see , people are getting really fed up with this whole thing ( I did not post this) and sadly, it really seems like just the beginning.

WHICH IS WHY?! Whenever we can, we should exercise OUR freedom, TOGETHER!

Did you know that we detox something like 80% of the waste in our body through the BREATH!?

Also, I like this post, but on the real, we can't even use the word "organic" anymore. All thx to cooperate Nestle!

If your job hired you to do a job, that is what you are being paid to do. Don't let someone convince you that you HAVE to wear a mask. Stand up for yourself, ask questions, be skeptical, be polite, be loving, be caring, be curious

My favorite questions / comments include:

Person: "Ma'am, you need to have a mask."

Me: "Oh! (suprised) What are the mask for?"

Person: "um.. Cov1d!"

Me: "So, what's cov1d exactly?"

Person: "Ma'am, you need to have a mask."

Me: "May I ask why?"

(always smile and be polite, when asking these questions. Be as genuine as possible, because people are gonna think you're joking or live under a rock lol. Most people who want to yell at you about wearing a mask are most likely going though other stressful stuff in life atm, and you not wearing a mask just tends to be the easiest outlet to take their stress, anger, frustration out on. No?)

I had someone in Sprouts scream at me one time saying that I killed his mother.. Now lets just back track a sec, how did that even happen?

I walk into store without a mask, no problem

I make it to the back of the store to fill up my water and a manager immediately marches up to me (closing the social distance bubble these people seem to care so much about!) and lowers her mask off her face to tell me "You need to be wearing a mask!?" She was so red in the face, eyes popping out of her skull. I'm over here wondering what else she has going on in here life, and just wishing her the best, because honestly constant stress or having yo blood pressure like that, gotta be extremely unhealthy, and it also just does'nt seem like a happy or peaceful way to live..

Anyways, I told her "I'm, sorry what are the masks for?" .. before I even finished my question she was like "for covid! it for covid! and you need to have a mask or leave the store right now!"3 other employees instantly crowded me and one of them said "you! you're the reason! My mom died bc of selfish people like you, who won't just wear a mask. YOU!! You killed my mother." I can not lie, this man literally screamed this in my face in public, while 3 other employees looked like they were gonna jump me or drag me out of the store (def not in the spirit of social distancing, I'll tell you that.)

I made sure to look in that one man's eyes in particular and give him my compassion for his loss before I left. I was thinking in my head "wow so interesting to me how willingly he would blame the death of his mom on me and not maybe her health and lifestyle choices.. anyways.." I told him "Hey man, I'm really sorry for your loss, I wish you and your family all the best."

I'm filling up my last 3gal jug of water, all the while in my ear "you need to wear a mask, you need to wear a mask... you need to leave the store, you need to leave the store" and I calmly replied ok :) I finished filling up my water as she was quite literally was screaming in my ear, telling me I needed to 1) put on the mask or 2) leave the store, so I chose 2. No one told me I couldn't finish filling up my water and check out. So I walked to the front, she followed me all the way there, talking in my ear about a mask and leaving the store.. yada yada yada.. I make it to self check out, and I forgot my wallet! lmao, my water jugs are glass. I told the lady "hey I forgot my wallet. I'll be right back." I didn't trust leaving my cart with her at this point, so I informed her and walked out with my car with the intention of walking back with my wallet to paying $1.80 for the 6 gal of water I just took.

Well, she wasn't having it. She said "uh, well that would be stealing."

I turned around and tried to be as polite as possible and just re inform her "no, I just told you I forgot my wallet and I'll be right back to pay for my water. See that truck? That's mine, you can watch me. I'm gonna walk straight over there and straight back and pay for my water. I promise."

Her: "If you leave that door without paying you are legally considered stealing!"

and I went "For water?! Common? I just told you I'm gonna grab my wallet and come right back."

Just in my head, thinking it would not even be close to this sort of deal if I had a mask on. it would be like "oh ya sure, I'll hold your order right here til you get back."

Anyways.. continuing

I walked 10 yards to my car

grabbed $1.80

and on my walk back they had locked the store front

Yes, the public store front to Sprouts, locked, I'm not even joking you.

They did a little mini panic scenario and other people couldn't get their groceries until they reopened the doors. So in efforts to get the day moving for myself and others now. I stood outside the locked door, called sprouts, and the manger who yelled at me picked up the phone. She obviously knew exactly who I was and I just said "Hey, I noticed ya'll locked the doors. I'de like to pay for my water please, and I won't be coming back here, so no one has to worry." She interrupted me to be like "its free! Just take it and go."

I said "are you sure, I can pay for it right now and I'll be out of here."

Manager "Yep, just take your water and don't come back here."

Me "Ok, thank you for the free water, I really appreciate it." - Manager hangs up.. In hind sight, maybe good it ended there, because I legit was gonna wish her a good day, and you know what!? some people think they are having such a good time being negative and mean, they will literally fight to stay in that low vibrational frequency even if it kills them. So maybe it's good it ended there and my presence couldn't aggravate her anymore.

Things I learned / gained:

1) people will try really hard to project their own reality onto you. Hold your ground. You have just as much a right to be here as anyone else.

2) I do not need a mask to go into a store, I may get yelled at, but no one has dragged me out the store or prevented me from self checkout.

3) Be compassionate. Lots of people are hurting right now. Could you imagine if I said something mean back to the guy who said "you killed my mother."? It would be tragic. He's already at a point where he feels its ok to scream that 1) in the first place and 2) in public, that loudly. He obviously was hurting very very badly and the best. The most helpful thing I could offer him, was my compassion - "I'm really sorry your mom died, I wish you and your family well."

4) IMPORTANT: words are spells. When you wear a mask and say "I hate this mask" what I hear is "I'm living life and I chose to put this thing on my face so others would approve of me and now I'm unhappy!" When people say "I cant breath" I think "stop covering your face!" Try this "I can breath." Say it a few times, sit by yourself, and just relax with your breath. See how each time you say the words " I can breathe," it becomes easier to breathe.. and that my friends is how the subconscious mind can be programmed. I personally believe our subconscious thoughts have the power to change our entire external reality. Interesting concept right?

Alright, enough story time - NEXT!

I wish I wrote down who shared this.. but, maybe it's this way for a reason. Working through the universe to to to bring all being enlightenment, healing.. and maybe not having these people's names up will keep them safer, while also getting their info out to the world.

With that being said! Again! please feel to reach out with proof if you are the creator of any one of these and I will be more than happy to tag your info :)

Don't act suspicious, don't act suspicious

Common! Sing it with me!

Don't act suspicious, don't act suspicious


Yep, nothing sus happening here - just the m3at and da1ry industry teaming up with B1g Pharma to save the world! smh

I told myself when this all started that I personally dint want anything injected into me (just intuition / gut feeling) and that i really didn't know what was going on. So i just made this kind of agreement with myself to not get involved AT ALL at first, and just watch and observe.

You'de be surprised just how much information you can pick up when trying to remove your biases ( we are human, we are all gonna have them to some extent, but I think it's cool to be able to check in with yourself and really question these biases and why they exist)

For me my biases against the medical industry started with all the different treatments I received as a child for my asthma and allergies. I stated to learn adn practice natural medicine / alchemy and realized all these big pharma practices where soooo much more extreme than they ever needed to be. Ex: Albuterol is a steroid that opens up the lungs for asthmatic patients. A good diet (ginger can really help :) does way better, all the while not getting you addicted to a very very dangerous steroid (btw, they wont tell you it's dangerous bc they need to make $$, but I factually almost died from albuterol dependence multiple times, and therefore is factually a very dangerous substance) Another ex: ranitidine (I think that's how you spell it) any ways that was for my acid reflux I developed at a young age, from not having proper nutrition. I coached soccer and noticed that every time I was consistently taking it, I would loose my voice, stop taking it, voice and acid reflux came back. All in all, we should be depending on these, what we view as "silver bullets." There is no such thing, nothing will save you but yourself and the choices you decide to make in this life. I encourage you to find what is bothering you, right down to the root cause! and find a way to alchemize it.

If there's a will there's a way.

Just like we can get sick from nature, we can also get better from nature

As I watch and observe and as I continue to watch and observe, I don't see good.

In my personal experience, with this whole thing, kind of watching it like a movie if you will.. I have seen bad.. more bad than good it seems.

At this point, I know more people injured or killed by this vaccine than people who are alive and well and injected by this vaccine, and if that doesn't say NO BUENO.. I really don't know what will

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