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Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Watermelons are one of my favorite melons :)

With a water content of over 92% it personally one of my favorite ways to 1) hydrate and 2) get powered up for the gym, hike, rock climb, do yoga, play soccer, whatever!! Anything active takes a lot of moisture out of the body and I've found watermelons to be one, if not the most, hydrating food to eat, while preparing or recovering from activity.

Did you know that watermelons

- Clean you kidneys

- Strengthen your bones

- Reduces Blood Pressure

- Reduces Blood Sugar

- Boosts the Immune System

- High Alkalinity (aka fights cancer, because cancer survives well in an acidic environment. Alchemize the acid with enough alkaline = no opportunity for an acidic environment to form in your body = no opportunity for cancer to form in the body :)

- Contains tons of electrolytes (which is why it's a great pre work out and/ or post work out / recovery)

- Contains antioxidants (great for your skin and hair)

- Improved Digestion (watermelon = natural diuretic)

- Natural Viagra

- Watermelon also protects you skin from the sun!

- Improves Liver Function

- Reduces Body Fat

- High in Vitamin B6

Also, make sure to keep the seeds in your watermelon, as they contain folate, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, potassium, amino acids, proteins, and vitamin B. All together, these help boost your metabolism and help get rid of excess mucus n the body and can help relieve symptoms of allergies, asthma, and any other bodily inflammation. (inflammation = excess mucus in the body, trying to help rid toxins) #themoreyaknow

Isn't that great!?

Pure 100% Watermelon Juice is available here

I fresh press everything myself

Always made to order, never before (So I apologize if it takes me a day to get you your juice, but it must be of the upmost freshnesssuhhh!)

Go check it out under "gsfarmermarket products"

That whole tab is solely products hand made by me :)

Thx for reading!

More fruity posts coming soon ;)

Much Love,


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