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Gemstone Metaphysics

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

*I'm gonna be adding to this, so make sure to check back for more gemstones and their metaphysical properties :)


- Treats Fatigue

- Helps with Trauma

- Said to help protect you against harmful effects of 5G radiation

- Helps the thyroid glands

- Helps to treat alcoholism

- Promotes Peace & Harmony

- Promotes Truth & Communication

- Calms the Heart


- Absorbs Negative Energy

- Said to Block Electromagnetic Frequencies and "Geopathic Stress" that can Foster Negativity.

- Helps to Relieve Stress & Anxiety

- Aids in Cell Regeneration

- Helps Support your Bones and Joints

- Said to Improve Skin Quality

- Emotional & Spiritual Protection

- Works with the 3rd Eye Chakra (as it is purple :) - Perfect Stone for Meditation and Practicing Psychic Abilities

- Natural tranquilizer

- Relieves stress and strain

- Soothes irritability

- Balances mood swings

- Dispels anger, rage, fear, and anxiety

- Alleviates sadness and grief

- Dissolves negativity

- Activates spiritual awareness

- Opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities


*Eye know this is a type of wood, but it still has metaphysical properties, much like everything in nature, so eye decided to include this here :)

- Assists in releasing struggles that are creating resistance in life

- Encourages one to embrace duality

- Encourages joyfully being with others, and helps dispel anxiety in social situations

Colombian Tektite

- Known as a "shamanic grounding stone" for its ability to make those around it extremely grounded and calm

- Columbian Tektite is said to connect with the Root, Crown Chakra, and Soul Star Chakra

- Extreme Grounding Stone (known for causing intense vibrations)

*Cool thing to know here, is we really don't have any factual evidence to show us where Columbian tektite truly originates. Some people say they know exactly where it comes from, some say they think very strongly of where they think this stone comes from, and others (like me) have no idea and are super open minded and interested in the variation of different possible origins. One theory is that it is meteorite parts that traveled here from outer space; another theory is that it's a type of obsidian / volcanic glass.

Hematite Quartz

- stimulates concentration and focus

- enhances memory

- encourages creativity / enhances original thought

- grounding stone

- protection stone

- magnetic (enhances the body's balance, both physically and mentally)


*more cool stuff about labradorite :)

Lava Rock

- Encourages stability and helps grounding

- Helps with courage and strength

- Helps relieve muscle tension

- Brings clarity to communication by bringing an increased sense of focus

- Helps with controlling anger

- Lifts ones mood :))

- Helps relieve anxiety

*top stone on this necklace is lava rock from sunset crater :) also cool note is there are different types of lava and this one is called "aa lava" (Hawaiian term, pronounced "ah-ah"). Aa lava is rough and and pahoehoe lava is smooth. Now you know the 2 different kinds of lava the earth can make! Wooo go you!

Malachite Metaphysics

- Clears and activates the chakras and attunes to spiritual guidance

- Opens the heart to unconditional love

- Encourages risk taking and change

- Breaks unwanted ties and outworn patterns

- Teaches how to take responsibility for one's actions, thoughts, and feelings

Pink Tourmaline

Ponderosa Pine Metaphysics

- Facilitates inter-relationship and integration of the community of your multidimensional selves with your higher self.

- It works through the occipital chakra and pituitary gland to harmonize your metabolism, especially when your body is being challenged by rapid spiritual evolution.

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