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Updated: Mar 27, 2022

What is a Mudra?

- Mudras are hand gestures / hand poses that are used in yoga and meditation practices.

- In Sanskrit "Mudra" translates closest to "mark" or "seal" (makes sense, as mudras are made through pressing, touching, curling, or pointing our fingers / hands in different ways)

- By positioning our hands in different Mudras, we can direct energy flow to specific parts of the body and brain (stimulates particular emotions, reactions... and all mudras have their own specific effect(s) on the body)

Here's Some Different Mudras to Try Out :)

Educational Moment because I can!

- Jesus was not white... He was black / middle eastern, but definitely, definitely not white.

- The pictures above, as well as many other sources, inaccurately depict Jesus. The pictures above are of some Byzantine King who paid for his pictures to replace Jesus' way back in the day... so that! people would worship him as Jesus (super fucked up right?!)

- Jesus was human who traveled to India and became a Kundalini Master.. Which is why, in my opinion, he was able to help and heal so many people - He went to heal himself, and that glass he filled with water, ended up overflowing to others. His ability to self care was inspiring to others, and others just craved being around him; to learn from him, to heal.

- Jesus is a symbol of love and what is is tp truly care for yourself and those around you.

- It took me a long time to innerstand this (especially growing up in the Catholic Cult... ohp I'm sorry I think I was supposed to say Catholic Faith.. Brainwash.. Damn it! lol) That when they say "you must know Jesus to be saved" (I always think of some kid named Jimmy who lives in Tim Buck Two and has never heard of Jesus.. Is he then condemned? Whatever that even means...) Really what that saying means (often religion gives us little bits of truth with a lie) is "you must know of Jesus teachings / Jesus' ways"... this does not mean you need to know Jesus himself. There are many great leaders and teachers... I mean how do you think Jesus learned?.. He traveled to India and learned from Kundalini Masters.. So all in all, you don't "need" to per say "know Jesus".. It's more of a collective consciousness enlightenment GOAL! for all of us to learn and know how to self heal.. That's why people say the word "need" for this... Its simply a very strong desire of the collective consciousness to move in a more positive direction, rather than a negative one.

*pic credits to website: & Instagram :)

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