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My Sananga Experience

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Lil bit of my own experience:

Personally eye used for a 21 day period, maybe a bit longer, just because I liked the effects so much

I really feel like I had a lot to cleanse from bc the 1st six days of the experience were enlightening, but NOTHING like that day 6-9. I actually felt like I was deciding whether or not to walk into this different dimension. And I stopped to think on day 6 (I really remember this) and was like “do I want to walk into this?” and when I sat there and thought about it, the answer was yes. I could stop and go back to my old perception of life or maybe even just stop and keep my current perception that I have now come to, through Sananga, or let go of fear all together, and keep going and see what this “thing” / Sananga really has to offer me (I was recommended to do for 21 days by the shaman that made these)

I’m here today about 4-6months later (diff timing now, I took in April 2021 :) to tell you, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself. And that’s why I bought more to share It’s helped me in so many ways and it’s really really hard to explain all that has happened, because it’s all, I feel, things that have been able to happen in my life now, beause of my 3rd eye being more open; bc of my spirit being more energetically cleansed. I will forever be grateful for what Sananga has offered me in this lifetime.

(as of 10/25/21)

Sananga now available!!

Up on the website under "Health & Wellness"

What exactly is Sananga?

- Spiritual Energy Cleanser

- Intriguing Fact: ancient warrior actually used to drip Sananga into their eyes before heading to battle in the night time. Reason being, it increases vision in the dark.

- Sananga is also known to fix eye conditions like astigmatism.


*this will be available as extra service to participate in after each yoga class. It will cost $10 extra, and of course only try it out if you feel like you want to. Force nothing :)


$100/ bottle: that bottle will last you a lot! longer than 21 days as long as your not like the hulk pouring it in your eye balls every day.. some people have a crazy pain tolerance lol, but really you just need 1-2 drop in each eye ball (some people have larger eye balls/ more surface area to cover or vise versa)

How does Sananga Feel?

It def burns. It’s supposed to burn. Maybe I’ll make a YouTube video on how to do it so y’all can see how to stay with the breath and not freak out..

Really important when taking Sununga..

You have to submit to what it is you just decide to do to yourself, in order to gain the healing effects.

Know it will burn, but know you will gain things from that burn.

Nothing in life is free.

There always must be an exchange of energy.

So just try your best to make friends with it stay calm with your breath :)


I was going to just purchase from any old tribe online, and it would probably be ok, but I really want people to have / be able to have the same experience eye had with Sananga. Something in my gut told me to try to reach out to the shaman I first aquired them from, and if it was meant to be, our paths would cross again.

And they did! :)

It just didn’t feel right not to get from the exact same source that I experienced Sananga from. So not only did I buy from the same shaman I got my Sananga from, the shaman was also gracious enough to reiki charge them for us

If you just look up "Sananga" online, you can find a bottle for $20 in some places. It definitely won’t be as high quality and here's why :)

Online you pay for

1) bottle of Sananga that might not even be very potent (watered down) and may or may not be charged/ blissed.

2) you might not know exactly who made your batch of sananga and as a result could very well be carrying negative energy instead of positive.

Here you are paying for:

1) sacred medicine MADE & BLISSED by the shaman themselves

2) all the time and energy this shaman has put into their energetic healing practices and the blissing of it coming reiki charged (tbh reiki healing is priceless if you have ever experienced any sort of healing energy work, you truly innerstand just how important it really is, when compared to all these other things in our life's, we've been taught to "make" important.


*At any point in time, feel free to stop for any reason. This is your experience, and you get to decide what you want to do. With that being said, here's the recommended dosage cycle I did and I absolutely loved it!

- 21 Day Dose Cycle

- 1 to 2 Drops per Eye

- 1 to 2 Times per Day (personally I aimed to do 2/ day, one during the sun rise and one with sun set. I missed doing 2 times/ day a few days out of my 21 day cylce. Just so you know :)

*I'll try to get a YouTube Video up soon, so y'all can see how to do safely :)

Much love to everyone!


Additional Sananga Info :)

*Sananga is still used by many tribes in the heart of the Amazon. Used in with ayahuasca or by itslef

*Sananga has the ability to treat a spectrum of illnesses:

- Treats and prevents ocular diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, and blindness.

- Detoxified the Body

- Clears Long Standing Inner Anger

- Increases Visual Perception and Enhances Colors

- Helps with Mental Disorders such as Addiction, Depression, and Anxiety.

- Resets Energetic Field

- Treats Spiritual Diseases caused by Negative Energies in the Body (these diseases can accumulate in a person's body and make them depressed and anxious)

(more to come, there is honestly so much to Sananga)

*below are some pics I took of my eyes as I was dosing on sananga (not sure which day, I apologize) and I started to notice not just an internal clarity of vision (better intuition) I noticed my eyes also externally became a lot cleared and just appeared more open. Maybe hard to see, but personally I definitely saw a difference in my eyes as I was dosing, to the point where I felt the need to take record:

*note: that little red blood vessel on my right eye, you can see, is most likely a popped blood vessel from one of my previous concussions / head injuries. Just wanted to say that it's been there :)

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